My thoughts on social media

I was asked what I think of social media today, whether it is good or bad for photographers. Here’s my answer: Social media is a very ambivalent topic. On the one hand, I find it helpful for a photographer, whether amateur or professional. It can help to connect with others and get positive or constructive[…]

Don’t get sidetracked

A big lesson I learned over the years as a photographer, is to stay true to myself, that I don’t get sidetracked, and do my own thing! It’s too easy to be influenced by contemplate what others want to see, what others photograph themselves. It can only work if I photograph what I personally like,[…]

AI versus photography

I find it difficult to form a positive opinion on the invasion of AI in the world of photography and I tend to think that AI and photography should be strictly separated. Yes, an AI image can be art and you have to be creative to put the right elements together, but it’s not the[…]

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